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The local counter part for the HAAGRIM project is

Dr (Mrs.) B. Ramasawmy


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


A Local Operational Unit (Unite Opérationnelle Locale-UOL) at the has been set up to manage the project. The composition of the UOL is given below.


Role in UOL

Other role in HAAGRIM

Dr Brinda Ramasawmy

Local HAAGRIM project coordinator

Link coordinator with University of Gaston Berger

Member of the OPD (Organe de Prise de Decision) of HAAGRIM

Mr Kamlesh Boodhoo

Alternate member to local HAAGRIM Project coordinator

First alternate member of the OPD

Dr M. Françoise Driver

President of the Selection Committee (Comité Consultatif de Sélection (CCS)).

Second alternate member of the OPDBoard member of ANAFE (Associate partner of HAAGRIM project)

Head of Department (Agricultural Production and Systems)

Administrative support


Head of Department (Agricultural and Food Science)

Administrative support


Representative of Registrar’s office

Administrative support for visa procedures, welcome of foreign students etc


Representative of the pro Vice-Chancellor’s (Academia) office

Facilitates recognition of periods of study (Masters and PhD) and credits earned


Representative of Quality Assurance Office

Monitoring of quality assurance procedures for the mobility programme


Representative of the Finance Director’s office

Support for the management of scholarships for foreign students


Representative of ASRO (Ad hoc basis)

Provides help for selection of foreign students as per criteria defined by the CCS


Representative of the CITS (Ad hoc basis)

Provides support for the management of the project website, and e-promotion of the project


Programme Coordinator of the Masters in Agribusiness Management

Academic support for foreign students enrolled in agribusiness modules at FOA


Administrative staff FOA

Administrative support for the UOL


Representative of the public/private sector (Ad hoc basis)

Facilitate placement of foreign students in public/private enterprises





28 March 2014


Launching of the HAAGRIM project in Mauritius  

First Cohort Mobility

The students from Kenya and Cameroon have succesfully completed their 6 months mobility programme (Jan -Jul 2015) in Agribusiness at the Faculty of Agriculture.
We have also hosted an academic staff, Dr Pamphile Nguema from Gabon for a period of two months (February to March 2015).

15july2015 028


Visit by EACEA

8-9 July 2015

Mrs. Elena Palavrova, Project Officer of the European Commission, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) met the local coordinating committee members of HAAGRIM to monitor progress of implementation